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MI TINGIM with Sami Waikori

In light of the recent political upheaval, Island Sun attempts to gauge what the public views are.
What are your views on the current political instability, which has heightened into an anticipated tabling of a
Motion of No Confidence in
Parliament, against the Sogavare-led DCCG, next week?

Barney Barnabas Nimelie
Tasahe A, West Honiara

I think if there is a legal saying within the Integrity act that advocate for the stability of our government, it should be enforceable by taking a firm stand against grass hopping activities within the Parliament. However with this current trend it showed our leaders don’t have visions and plans for this country.

Catherine Koraua

I think with the current ruling of the DCC Government, they have done really well in terms of providing services for the country. Thus, we should give them chance and work together with them to implement their development strategic policy for the country. And I see nothing much more beyond what DCC Government is currently doing any new formed government will do.

Craven Muakitangata
White River, West Honiara

If the Motion of No Confidence was instigated with the right and genuine motives that are principled by national interests, then the petition is justified. However, if the underlying intentions for the No Confidence Motion are selfish and are not for the good of the country then I find it distasteful. On the other hand, the petitioners may have seen some downfalls in the current Government, therefore this motion. And, overall, I am dissatisfied with the current Government. So far, I have not seen any change which they have been preaching. So maybe a new government may be a necessity.

Welma Vero

Change of government is a normal system with Democracy. Which means if the government of the day never performs to the expectations of its people, the government can be changed and replace by another government?  And if that’s the point let a new government to lead the country.

Karen Lai
White River

The DCC Government is now on its way with the implementations of their development strategic policies for the country, so I think lets allow them to do their work.  On the other hand, if a new government is formed it will be a new beginning for the country whilst the money and time to do work in the country we’ll just waste without any beneficiaries.

Jeymah Kiini
Mbokonawera Four

Every government has capabilities to bring about changes, however, if this current government is not doing really well, then there’s need to change with a new government that they believe they can bring about change for the country, let them take the turn and see what they can do.

Avan Dhari

Our leaders need not to utilise their giving opportunities to save their own desires but to prioritise our national issues in the country and do for the people and the nation the services they need. Think of your people first and at all time to serve them.

Wilson Somea
St John School

Creating history is better than repeating the histories. See for this political trend where the country is currently experiencing, it seems another repeat of the history our past governments has gone without doing any development for the country. Hence I think let Sogavare create history for the country rather than coming up with new governments, which means repeating the histories.

Joseph Harobule
Geology Area

Give the chance for DCC Government to fulfill the aims and objectives they had for the country. I think the failure we blame DCC Government, for their slow attempt to developments in the country is something that also goes back to us the resources owners in the country. If we allow our resources for developments, definitely DCC Government won’t fail their responsibilities. So I think it’s better not to blame them for the slow of development in the country but to look at us the resources owners as well.

Mike Cheka
Mbaranaba, East Honiara

The current political situation is due to instability, which is clearly displayed by the grass-hopping, a practice that shows a bad example of our leaders. If they truly had the heart for the country, as they profess, then enough of these activities, they reflect only self-interest. It is obvious that they have lost touch with the grassroots, because if they had, they would realise the disastrous nature of their decisions. I support the current Government, but I would like to see the rightful persons taking up the Ministerial portfolios.

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