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Masedonia church building on track

AFTER years of struggle, the people of Masedonia near Komate area in South Guadalcanal will soon own a church building.

The South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) building was supplied with roofing iron by former South Guadalcanal MP Victor Ngelle but never utilised.

Not until Coordinator of Saranga Community Learning Center Maxwell Saurongo stepped in and spearheaded the move on constructing the building.

Spokesperson of Masedonia Community, Lawrence Labu said the people were really happy now that they see a church building has had roof over and progresses towards completion.

“On behalf of the community we appreciate Mr Maxwell Saurongo for taking the lead to build this church building,” said Mr Labu said.

He has also thanked South Guadalcanal MP David Day Pacha for supplying additional roofing iron.

“The older people are the active people behind building this church and we are so happy because we have been longing for this for this,” Mr Labu said.

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