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Mas Solo Investment Limited shows the way on Isabel province

MAS Solo Investment Limited has led a fine example of investment and collaboration to achieve greater benefits for resource owners.

This partnership is new but the success is evident for communities within Hirolegu community Hograno District, Isabel province.

Mas Solo Investment Limited teamed up with Timber Milling Scheme – an initiative established by landowners of Demeolo land to build permanent houses for resources owners as well as ordinary people of the said area.

The joint operation has completed 10 permanent houses, processed timbers for 30 and is now in the process of cutting timbers for another 15 houses.

Cost of timber production plus equipment such as saw mill, transportation of logs from the forest close to the community are all provided by Mas Solo Investment.

Not only that, the partnership also assisted Hirolegu Primary School with four sets of 20 watts solar panels.

According to one of the landowners, the Timber Milling Scheme has been successful despite encountering some challenges through its implementation.

The person who wants his name withheld explained that commitment, Cooperation and patience of both the investor, resource owners and people have encouraged the operation to roll smoothly.

He said several more families have tendered their interest to join the scheme with assurance and aspiration to own a permanent house.

The landowner stressed that the housing project demonstrates agreement beyond just royalties’ resources owners and Investments can seal to ensure resource owners fully benefit from development.

He said Mas Solo Investment limited has made a huge impact on peoples’ livelihood since the company sealed an agreement to undergo logging operation in the area on 25th July last year.

The landowner continues to say that resource owners more especially ordinary people continues to struggle with very little resource to improve standard of living.

He adds that many people in the rural area cannot afford a simple permanent house to accommodate their families and that the initiative is to assist people to own decent homes.

The landowner further stated that the scheme is very important as it complements the housing scheme initiative under Members of Parliament.

He said the scheme has contributed well to some of the MP’s housing scheme providing timbers to fast track construction of houses.

“We hear our MPs providing roofing irons, and other housing materials for our rural people, but that alone cannot achievement such project unless timbers are made available.

“This scheme is like an answer to people’s struggle for many years and that we acknowledge Mas Solo Investment for believing in our simple dream with all the support,” he added.

The landowners stressed that building a decent home for people in the rural area is a way forward to stimulate economic activities.

He explained that families will no longer bother repairing their houses but engage in other business activities.

The landowner said he is happy that Mas Solo Investment Limited agreed to these proposal plan that sees the housing project progressing positively.

“It is good as a Christian duty to say thank you to those who helped us through such initiative,” he said.

In the meantime the landowner said the scheme is a good investment model that would drive tangible development on Isabel Province.

According the joint partnership, Mas Solo Investment will widen its assistance from timber milling to solar projects and sanitation in the coming months.