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Manaoba airstrip funds must be audited: Opposition  

THE Parliamentary Opposition Office calls on the Prime Minister’s Office to intervene and pursue to the end the auditing of the payments made in respect to Manaoba airstrip, in Malaita Province.

The Office stated that the money expended on the airstrip are public funds and therefore these must be properly accounted for.

“The millions of dollars paid out to parties connected to Manaoba airstrip have been appropriated for by Parliament and therefore questions such as who the actual beneficiaries from the funds and how much they were getting are important issues pertinent to the principles of transparency and accountability,” the parliamentary Opposition Office stated.

The Opposition calls on the PMO to intervene and assist the Ministry of Communication and Aviation to ensure that a full audit of the funds expended on Manaoba airstrip goes ahead without any disruptions.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Office stated that the revelation made by the Minister of Communication and Aviation that the files that has the records of the airstrip having gone missing is a serious matter and the government must not take this issue lightly.

The Parliamentary Opposition Office urged the government to make serious decisions regarding this issue.

“It is very important that if the files as reported by the Minister are indeed missing the opposition office would like to call on the government to consider setting up a commission of inquiry to investigate this case.”

“As it is the Manaoba airstrip story seems to have the hallmarks of a well-planned scheme devised to defraud the state.

“Therefore a call for the government to consider setting up a commission of inquiry is the right thing to do.

“The objective of the commission would be to find out how the whole project has been managed and funded,” it said.

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