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Manaoba airport progression slow

DEAR EDITOR, I’m not quite finished with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communication and Aviation just yet with regards to his article on issue 2562 of your paper.

As I have mentioned in my previous editorials that for as long as PS of MCA and his Director of Aviation are still in post, the proposed opening of the Manaoba Airport will be unwittingly prolonged indefinitely.

This is not because the landowners are in opposition to the development, but rather a result of personal interest and poor administration style of the duo.

This has led to a direct defiance and violation of the legal instruments that created the airport in the first place.

As a matter of fact these instruments will in due course be brought before the courts for possible breach of contractual agreement.

The most notable instrument is the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between Lolo Tribe and the Government.

The signing of the MOU obligated the government to deal with Lolo Tribe and no one else. Important still, the MOU was entered into based on legal documents of Lolo Tribe attesting and qualifying its claim of ownership.

However, during the course of the MOU the PS has entertained tribes and individuals who have no basis for their claims. The PS has even dished out funds to these tribes and individuals without the existence of an MOU to validate such expenditures.

The PS of MCA is now opting to drawing up a new MOU to which I suspect would include tribes and individuals in his private list.

By doing this will help legitimise the financial mess he has created in the Manaoba Airport saga.

Be forewarned that Lolo Tribe will neither bow down nor accept a new MOU of your making because the potential to favor your interests is anticipated to surpass that of Lolo Tribe.

The proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that is to be signed by all interested tribes and parties is a complete waste of time and a breach of logic.

Why sign an MOA with other tribes when the land on which Manaoba Airport is situated belongs to Lolo Tribe?

Lolo tribe alone should be dealt with on all matters pertaining to the airport as stipulated in the MOU. For other tribes to sign the MOA is an open invitation for more financial claims and corruption.

Had the current MOU adhered to from day one, the many problems that are encountered will not befall us.

I insist that the PS sends the first flights to Manaoba Airport and stop being a stumbling block.

My people would like very much to see the airport operational nothing more, nothing less.

To ensure this happens smoothly, the PS must start talking with the Lolo Committee proper and not the so called “task force” whose agenda is simply to defraud the tribe.

The PS of MCA would have done better had he put on his administrative and not magisterial lens in the pursuance of his duties and act judiciously on legally verified and genuine documents presented before him.

Because of his magisterial inclination, he loses focus on his administrative responsibilities as agreed to in the MOU and thus opening the flood gates for Tom, Dick and Harry to come in to murky the water as it were.

The required documents that authenticate Lolo Tribe’s land ownership claims have been duly presented to his office and the current MOU is the outcome.

Lest you dwell on the High Court’s decision on the Consent Order, be informed that a piece of land that has been won through the courts can-not be dually or jointly owned by a losing tribe through consent.

Landownership is determined through the courts and not through a mere consent order cunningly devised out of court for purposes of deception. Common sense no moa oketa!


Chief Frank Daoga

Lolo Tribe

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