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Malaita youths to be engaged in economic activities

Youths doing their research at the youth provincial office in Auki

YOUHTS in Malaita province will soon be engaged in social and economic activity programmes set up by the Malaita youth division in Auki.

Speaking to this paper yesterday, Malaita provincial youth coordinator Francis Samo said, “our provincial youth office here in Auki is looking for way outs trying to address the youth issues through engaging them into economical programmes.

“This year 2017 we will have more chances to help our young people in our rural areas.

“We are trying to involve youths at small scale economic developments.

“I believe this idea will work out well because most youths are lived unemployed back in their respective communities.

“But first we will work closely with youths in Auki township area for the start.

“From that we will organise a pilot programme that we will extend it to the other four regions in Malaita province.

“I believe this will match up through the support from the malaita provincial government and the national government.

“With the support from both the malaita provincial government and the national government I believe it will boost the social economic programme in the province.”

He furthers that nearly 60 percent of Malaita youths are not into economic activities and that they are isolated in their respective rural dwellings.

“Our government both provincial and the national government concern and involve that 60% into social economical programmes that will help them from been isolated,” Samo said.

The youth division in Auki will try to look at ways to involve youths in work such as growing crops and other ways that help to provide income.

The idea is to create employment for youths where they are have the potential to excel in.

“We are looking forward to work closely with the malaita provincial government and the national government towards our programmes and activities.

“If our government do not address this issue I believe we are wasting our time on reviewing our youth policies in our country.

“We will face big problems if the government did not consider youths into development.”

He believes that the government must invest first in the youths of the country before true economic development can be achieved.

“Manpower is youths so we must be seriously support our youths.”

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