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Logging & mining companies on Rennell warned to comply

PREMIER of Rennell and Bellona has issued a warning for logging and mining companies operating in Rennell to comply with regulations or face halt to their operations.

Hon Collin Singamoana warns that companies are given 30 days to comply to the agreements they have signed with the national ministry, landowners and the province.

After this 30-day notice period, if a company continues with its renegade activities then Premier Singamoana says its operation will be halted.

“Zero toleration will be shown to any company which does not adhere to this call.”

The Renbel province is in the process of formulating a legal document to implement this warning, which will be furnished to the Attorney General’s Chambers for finalising soon.

“For so long companies, both logging and mining, have continued to breach regulations and conditions in agreements signed with the national ministry, landowners and the province.

“It is high time that these rebellious attitudes by the loggers and miners be stopped.

“People are crying out being victims to many activities which have been done by these companies which are outside to what they agreed to, and these companies keep on ignoring calls to get back on track.

“So I am giving a 30-day notice for companies to comply starting from the publication date of this statement, after which any found to continue with the bigheadedness will simply be halted from operating.

“This warning is backed by a legal document which should be completed by next week, and will not hesitate to implement as soon as AG Chambers endorses it.”

This latest move by the Renbel province government is a response to the observed trend that companies continue activities which are outside conditions stated in agreements which they signed with the national ministry, landowners and the province.

These illegal activities have continued to victimise landowners and the province, and the Renbel executive have decided that enough is enough.