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Logging in Solomon

DEAR EDITOR, as one of the SIG represented, I like to stress my views concerning the environmental effects of logging company in Solomon Island.

The purpose of this letter is to highlight the need to the government to minimize the number of logging company migrating into the country.

Logging activity has the major vulnerable effects on the environmental aspects.

The logging has caused much devastation to our environment.

It leads to many negative effects on the environment through exploiting the forest, soils and rivers.

For instance, the large numbers of communities were affected through disposing the chemicals and debris into their rivers, whereas, it damage the coral reefs, and mangroves, likewise it affects the soil , and as a result, the people find it difficult to make gardens because there is lack of fertile soil.

The government should address ways to reduce the number of company into the country, in order to lessening the environmental issues.

However, the government and the people invest more money from logging company.

But, On the other hand, it has a vulnerable long term effects on the environments.

The call goes to our respective Ministry of environmental conservation to work together as to decrease the number of logging company.

My concern is to urge the government and public to consider the alternative ways to reduce the number of company, in order to minimize the environmental problems in the country.


Joyce Haikau

Laucala campus


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