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Licence fee included for communication service in W-Province

Western Province Minister of Finance and Treasury Hon Lester Saomasi

LICENCE fee for communication service is now SBD $30,000 in Western Province.

It was passed under the Western Province Business Licence Amendment regulation for 2017-2018 during the Full Assembly meeting of the province.

According to the Minister of Finance and Treasury for Western Province, Hon Lester Saomasi, there has not been a communication service licence under the province over the past years so this is why it is now part of the regulation.

MPA for Ward 18 Hon George Solingi Lilo in his view fully agreed with the Minister of Finance and Treasury for introducing the licence on communication services.

“I fully agree with this because for instance if a person tops up unit in his or her mobile phone then they are taxed.

“When you transfer credit from your mobile phone, the unit that has already been paid is deducted again so I totally agree on the license for communication services,” said the MPA for Ward 18.

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