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Leaders encourage to produce quality leadership

LEADERS in the Keava region are told to produce quality leadership in their homes and parishes.

This was uttered by the Anglican diocese of Malaita mission secretary Leslie Filiomea yesterday during the 15th Keava regional conference which is currently underway at Kiluufi in Dukwasi parish, Malaita province.

He said, “We need quality leaders today in our local societies, churches and even in our government.

“Leaders where you are coming today to represent your parishes, communities, families for this conference must be leaders of love, peace, unity in order to change our societies today.

“Our societies today fall because of poor leadership.

“Most leaders today are not god fearing people, they are thinking about themselves and forget what is in front of them in the future.

“We leaders must be very careful of how we take up responsibilities because we are heading towards destruction if the quality of leadership is not shown in our homes, parishes, regions and in our diocese.

“We must change our attitudes towards one another and we must be responsible in any duty we are undertaken.”

He added the future of the next generation depends on the leaders of today.

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