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Last series of DFCs work in progress till May

THE last series of Draft Federal Constitutions (DFCs) will be worked on until the end of May this year.

This was confirmed to Island Sun by the Policy Secretary of Fundamental Reforms of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) Warren Paia.

“The Draft Federal Constitution (DFC) that the CC and EPAC are working on, until the end of May, will be the last of a series of DFCs. The first Draft was made in 2004,” Mr Paia said.

The Policy Secretary then added that the current Draft contains the aggregation of views and position contributed by all Provinces, Honiara City Council and other stakeholders during multiple consultations and meetings in over 10 years.

He then added that the CC and EPAC are two legal bodies that have been responsible for inserting such contributions to the DFCs.

“Together, like Parliament, they deliberate and agree on what must go into successive Drafts,” Mr Paia added.

The Sogavare led Government (2006-2007) established the two bodies.

The bodies are made up of Provincial Government and National Government representatives.

The Policy Secretary of the Fundamental Reforms added that the Provincial representatives are chosen from key persons of the Provinces and HCC and appointed by their respective Governments.

National representatives are appointed by the National Government from senior citizens and former national leaders.