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Lafari House of Chiefs applauds Hon Ramohia

CHIEFS of Lafari House of Chief in West Kwaio have applauded Premier Peter Ramohia for his leadership.

In an interview with this paper, Secretary of Lafari House of Chief, Chief John Paul Ilokeu said Hon Ramohia has leadership has shown great improvement in Malaita Provincial Government’s Management.

He adds that Hon Ramohia’s patient, humbleness and commitments leads to the stabilization of the province’s financial system.

Chief Ilokeu said it is high time to work with Premier Ramohia and his government on development plans to encourage tangible economic development within the province.

“We should work and support our premier with his government’s plan rather than criticising him.

“We all know that our province has been facing financial issues but through his hard work we regain our financial system.

“This is a great news and we should support our Premier,” he said.

Chief Ilokeu said Lafari House of Chief and communities of West Kwaio are fully supportive of Premier Ramohia’s leadership and are looking forward to work with the Premier in any development in the future.