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Kukum SDA Church prays for children at risk

THE Kukum Seventh Day Adventist Church conducted a successful prayer segment in an attempt to join Adventists celebrating the World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk.

The Children’s Ministry of the Kukum SDA Church and its members have offered a rain prayer during the divine service on Saturday for children at Risks in Churches around Solomon Islands.

The prayer targets children facing abuse, neglect, human trafficking, hurt, their rights to educations are abused and rights to protection is ignored.

The programme was run by the Children’s Ministry and each church member were given names of every children of Kukum where an individual member has a child’s name to pray for.

The Church Pastor of Kukum Church, George Fafale said the plight of children at risk in Solomon Islands and globally needs the church’s attention to pray for.

“Children at risk needs to be protected and helped so they can use their God-given talents to their fullest, they need our prayers,” Pr Fafale said.

Pr Fafale said children born need to be loved, protected, respected and right to live healthy despite the background they come from and it’s everyone’s responsibility.

“We need to love them whether they are your children or not, whatever level or background they come from, God wants us to love children and care for them,” Pr Fafale said.

The prayer session continued for the whole day of Saturday, and was also attended by Director of the Children’s Ministry of the Solomon Islands Mission.