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Kirakira RSIPF awaits new PPC

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force in Kirakira, Makira Ulawa Province is still without their new Police Provincial Commander.

Information received by this paper yesterday said the new PPC is expected to arrive next month from Rennell and Bellona province where he is serving to take up the post.

He will change outgoing PPC Richard Hane whose term in office expires this year.

Sources within the police force say the situation up top seems to have caused confusion within the RSIPF.

“Hopefully the new one will arrive next month. Once we have the new PPC then hopefully it will bring a sense of calmness within the force,” the source said.

“There is a sense of confusion right now because everyone is eager to know who will be the new PPC and are waiting for him or her.

“Once he arrives from Rennell and Bellona where is currently working then hopefully it will resolve the confusion caused by the lack of leadership currently experienced here,” the source adds.

Meanwhile the general population within the province are calling on the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to improve their presence and work within the communities in the province.

“The police force here in Kirakira needs to pull up their socks. It needs an effective system that sees officers rotating every four years and not staying in the same province for almost 15 years as in some case here.

“We want to see officers who are fit and not looking like they are close to labour. These are the kinds of officers we need,”

Wairaha villager, Peter Taki said.

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