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Kira tribe receives grant from Global Greengrants Fund

Overlooking the deep and virgin forest of the Kira Tribe Land in east Are’are, which the project is targeting for environmental conservation

THE Takataka Eco Village Conservation Foundation (TEVCF) in Malaita has been announced as recipient of the Global Greengrants Fund through Pacific Islands Advisory Board’s grant this year.

A not-for-profit organisation in east Are’are, Malaita province, TEVCF received USD$5,000 grant from Global Green Fund, which will go towards environmental conservation of Kira tribal land.

Speaking to the paper yesterday, the project’s recipient announced the grant will engage the participation of Rira Tribe in general conservation awareness and mapping the customary land boundary of the conservation area.

The project will take one year, with a purpose to conserve Kira Tribal land and forest biodiversity which has been threatened by logging operations there.

Following that, it is to educate, promote and encourage sustainable management of natural resources through viable economic and social ventures for communities around wards 19 and 20.

The project’s Vision, Project Coordinator, Andrew Taraha said they want to inspire and empower indigenous people and resource custodians to build viable and vibrant communities that enhance value based development at all levels.

This goes along with their mission statement to improve access rights to natural resources, promoting community sustainable livelihood, educating communities to realise value and importance of unique natural environment.

The implementers of the project, Takataka Eco Village Conservation Foundation during their tour to observe their natural resources

Mr Taraha said they also focus on protecting resources and fostering environment by harnessing relations with stakeholders through inclusive participation approach to achieve value based development for equity and sustainable development.

The Global Greengrants Fund is a world platform working with local communities through projects to address environmental issues impacting people.

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