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Investigate MID Director and Shipping Grant

DEAR EDITOR, the MID Director of Infrastructure denial of the existence of network targeting shipping grant is questionable and unbelievable.

A reliable source within MID revealed that the said Director Mr Harry Rini conspired or colluded with recipients of the grants and received his share.

The Director stated that he has no influence in the selection process (refer to Island Sun Issue 2563, 05/04/17, page 3).

Is he genuine with his statement?

I suppose there are more questions than answers.

Now may I ask if you are not a member of the selection committee?

Again what is your role in rushing the application for $4 million grant this year and what’s so special about this application as alluded by the MID Minister in front page of Island Sun Issue 2563, 05/04/17?

This is very suspicious and could confirm an act of conspiracy.

On this note, I strongly call on MID Minister and his Permanent Secretary to sanction immediate investigation on recipients of the grant in order to establish whether or not the grants were expended for its purpose.

None payment of a ship simply implies misappropriation of state funds for personal gain.

At the same time, the interview process would uncover identities of those big fish involved in the scandal.

Also, since the MID Director is implicated, he should be suspended from duty in order to conduct a full scale investigation to determine whether he’s involved in the shipping grant saga.

Thank You


Rainsford Pita

West Honiara

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