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Hon Singamoana welcomes other shipping services

Premier of Renbel, Hon Collin Singamoana during the launching of Renbel’s ship on Sunday

Premier of Renbel, Hon Collin Singamoana during the launching of Renbel’s ship on Sunday

PREMIER of Rennell and Bellona province says his government welcomes interested shipping companies wanting to provide shipping service for the province.

Speaking to the media over the weekend, Hon Collin Singamoana said shipping companies are welcomed to Rennell and Bellona province though the province has its own ship.

He said ship owners including the Renbel Shipping Company must apply and be awarded with operational rights before operating in the province.

Hon Singamoana explained that there are regulations and legal procedures ship owners need to comply with for such services.

He said shipping service is important for his province and that his government is open to any shipping company who are interested to serve the people of Rennell and Bellona province.

“Personally I will not refuse any shipping company who would like to serve my province.

“My government will treat every shipping company including our own ship MV Avaiki Maine equally,” Hon Singamoana explained.

He told the media that Rennell and Bellona province has its own ordinance to regulate and promote the welfare of the province when it comes to such partnership.

Hon Singamoana said ship owners have to apply for business licence to Rennell/Bellona province for such matter.

He said his government has its own department to screen applications before awarding rights to ship owners.

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