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Hon Kiloe refutes complaints

Choiseul province Premier Jackson Kiloe… ISun file photo

CHOISEUL Province Premier Hon Jackson Kiloe said he has no comments over complaints on how the organising of the 2nd Appointed Day celebration hosted at Ogho village was as he understands it went well.

The Premier made this response against complaints headed by Chief Michael Gado of Qaloe village at Northwest Choiseul that it was better to hold the celebration back at Taro.

He said this was because the way it was organised did not suit the atmosphere in “Varisi” where customs and cultures play a very important role in the community life.

Chief Gado said that the committee only fed the guests from Taro while communities in which the celebration was meant for them did not enjoy a bit of what should have been for them.

He elaborated that a contributing factor as well was that the two MPA’s of the co-hosting Wards 11 and 12 did not play their part very well.

“As hosting MPA’s, they should contribute in looking after and leading their people,” said Chief Gado.

According to Premier Hon Jackson Kiloe, he understands that food had also been distributed to community groups attending the celebration.

“Sometimes it can only be of political interest why people do such reporting,” said the Premier.

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