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Heavy rains flood Gizo

WHY Shop flooded with water after heavy rains on Saturday, while shopkeepers struggle to drain out water inside the shop

GIZO WHY shop opposite Wing Sun Company Ltd was submerged in water over the weekend as heavy rains tormented Gizo town.

Shop keepers struggled to drain out the water inside WHY on Saturday.

Speaking to the paper, a shopkeeper said WHY building has always been on the receiving end during heavy rains because the main drainage is blocked.

“There are no major damages affected WHY shop but we need all those drainage must be quickly repair.

“Who are the responsible authorities who build those drainages are kindly request to keep monitoring the current situation that continue to affecting the blockage of the drain.

“We call on the responsible authorities to quickly fix all those drainages that block the current of water.

“The waters almost reached the middle of the counters where it will cause damages to our goods in our shops. If those drainages were fixed, we will not experience waste water flooded into our shop,” he said.

Meanwhile, no major damage has been reported, which has been mostly due to the quick thinking of the shopkeepers in moving items to safety before the flooding worsened.

The shopkeeper appeals to responsible authorities must step up in monitoring the blockage of the drains.

It is understood that Ropiko Company Ltd is in the process of maintaining roads in Gizo and drainage systems.