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Guadalcanal teachers’ professional development training

GUADALCANAL Province Education Authority (GPEA) with the support of Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is moving well into implementing MEHRD’s Action Plan Goal 2 to improve quality of education through strengthening the concept of School-based professional development of teachers.

A refresher training on the use of the School-based, In-service, Teacher Training module was launched yesterday at the Guadalcanal Council of Women training facility, Henderson.

The module’s objective is to help strengthen and sharpen teaching skills of Grade 1 and 2 teachers in delivering mathematics and English lessons more effectively and efficiently.

Speaking at the opening of the training, Chief Education Officer (CEO) of GPEA Mr Maesac Suia reminded the participants about the aim of the module per outlined by MEHRD’s key activity which is to ‘building a school-based, teacher support system to improve effectiveness of teaching and learning’.

“The module is a tool teachers can use during their own time and at their own pace to get new ideas and improve their teaching methods. It is a SELF-STUDY, SELF-DIRECTED learning module that you can do alone and with other teachers which is encouraged,” Mr Suia said.

“The role of head teachers in this process of self-learning is extremely important as they are the ones who can provide the mentoring and coaching to you and facilitate your learning and help you become more effective teachers,” said the CEO

CEO Suia continued that, with UNICEF’s support a simplified instructional leadership guide for headteachers will be provided to help them support their teachers taking the module.

Hence a follow up training for head teachers will be provided next week through the teacher’s code of ethics capacity building workshop.

He highlighted to the participants that Guadalcanal Province being the first province where these innovative approaches are being implemented, it is important to assess their performance as it will determine the module’s benefit to provinces.

Finally Mr Suia reminded teachers to take note of MEHRD’s Teaching Service Hand Book that required 30 hours of professional development per year.

“This module-made simpler is a contribution towards that target,” said CEO Suia.

It is hoped that positive feedbacks on the success of the training and the impact of the module on teacher performance will be assessed in the coming months.


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