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Guadalcanal people’s budget

GP- Finance Minister Hon. Keith Rubo delivering his budget speech…Photo by GP PRESS

“IT is the time where true spirit of working together encompasses our journey, where petty politics does not have rooms in it,” says GP Hon Keith Rubo

Guadalcanal Provincial Minister for Finance Hon Keith Rubo presented for second reading what was termed Guadalcanal People’s budget at the Assembly meeting on March 6, 2017.

This appropriation bill is the largest to date for GP with the Expenditure budget for the 2017/2018 totalling $38 Million.

In presenting his budget speech, Minister Rubo emphasised to the floor that the 2017/18 Appropriation Bill will be the biggest budget so far in history Guadalcanal Province.

“I truly dedicate this budget to the citizen of Guadalcanal Province, for this is their budget. May we continue to work together to see development continue to flourish out there in the rural communities.” Minister Rubo said.

On the capital expenditure most funds will go towards infrastructure that will benefit the lives of the people of Guadalcanal, Health get 39.2 percent that will go toward construction of three Rural Health Centre clinics and completion of other clinic buildings.

Administration gets 22.43 percent, Education gets 16.72 percent, General investment servicing get 6.99 percent, Commerce & investment gets 6.8 percent, women development gets 4 percent and Sports Development gets 3.83 percent.

Recurrent expenditure summary for 2017/18 has balanced the recurrent revenue of which Other operational cost get the share of 36.72 percent, hence most of this fund will touch the lives of people in the rural communities when delivery of service channel through the education sector, Agriculture and culture and Tourism to name a few.

Salary and wages get 26.03 percent, Assembly & Executive get 10.82 percent, Ward Grant gets 10.19 percent, Dept servicing get 8.74 percent and other below 7.23 percent in the summary of expenditure.

That said, there is huge work to be done on the capital expenditure as we need to spend 80 percent of the total capital funds by October, this call for our cooperation to ensure all infrastructure built for our good people in the rural communities.

Minister Rubo thanked staffs from MPGIS, GP-PAC Chairman and Committee members, all GP-HODs for their inputs and the hardworking staffs who put together the budget.



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