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Growing food crops where land is scarce

DEAR EDITOR, it was reported in the Island Sun newspaper yesterday that a ‘back garden project’ is currently underway at Voruvoru in Northwest Choiseul.

The project is under the careful supervision of the Climate Change Officer, Mr Samson Koneke, as part of the Choiseul Integrated Climate Change and Adaptation Programme (CHICCAP).

The project is said to be aimed at raising awareness on how to make a garden in a backyard using new kinds of techniques especially where land is scarce and in areas that are affected by climate change.

Mr Koveke claims that many kinds of garden foods and vegetables can be grown in a small plot of land area using the ‘backyard garden’ techniques.

I suggest that Mr Koveke gives his advice on ‘backyard garden’ approaches to cultivating garden foods and vegetables to the members of the Langa Langa community who are desperately short of land and soil and could potentially benefit from studying the techniques being demonstrated in Northwest Choiseul.

Wishing much success to the project.

Yours sincerely



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