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GP high level Delegation to Fiji

IN fulfilling the Democratic Coalition for Change Governments Policy under strategic objective 5.4 (1) ‘the component of traditional governance’, a 25 men delegation from Guadalcanal Province depart for Fiji Saturday May 20 on an eight-day ‘Peace and Traditional Governance Educational Tour’ 20th to 28th.

The educational trip was part of the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP) – Guadalcanal Peace Office’s work plan after successful consultations and discussions with communities in projected economical areas of Guadalcanal.

Further significance of the trip emanates from 2016 Guadalcanal Leaders Dialogue and Summit (GLDS) resolutions that highlight issues of land and related developments.

The trip as fulfilling policy objective of DCCG and that of GLDS resolutions involved months of planning and cross-ministerial coordination and consultations with prominent Guadalcanal people and scholars living in Fiji.

The terms of reference for the delegation as prepared by Solomon Islands High Commission office in Fiji and UNDP -Honiara was for them to visit and study by observation and impression the aims, objectives, roles and functions of; Taukei Land Trust Board, Taukei Land Fisheries Commission, Fiji Tourism Bureau, Fiji Hydro Pant and other private sectors. They will also visit Kalekana village and also Guadalcanal students studying in Fiji.

The delegation comprises, 13 Members of Provincial Assembly (MPA), three officers from MNURP, two GP-Officials and One (1) Technical personnel and the rest are chiefs from around the Island.

Out of the 13 MPAs, six of them also traveled as chiefs in their traditional right hence wearing two hats. Deputy Premier Hon Peter Aoraunisaka led and head the delegation.

The total budget for the trip is estimated at SBD$507,316.22.

It was a shared cost with which GPG paid $247,316.22 and the remaining foot by MNURP- the central government. The 13 GP-MPAs paid for their own rounds air-tickets with their own cash money.

It is regrettable to note highly educated Guadalcanal people of social standing giving misleading information and framing negative discourse on the trip by the way they lead and direct discussions on social media.

The success of the trip will be measured after the trip, not before the trip even started.

GPG wants to encourage us all to be positive and supportive of this opportunity for our local leaders to travel and get impression of the outside world. Do not be selfish and think of yourself as deserving to travel abroad.

An educational tour is not to obtain a qualification per the line of thinking advanced by some negative commentators, rather is to gain impression on how things are done differently in other countries.

GPG wants to let people know that a high level delegation of such magnitude from Guadalcanal Province must not be allowed to be belittled and denied for reasons of funding.