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Fight against corruption remains firm

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare expressed his concerns on the stand to bring relevant legislations and accompanying policy documents to address corruption.

Sogavare made the statement when winding up the sine die motion he moved in Parliament last week.

According to the Prime Minister the process and line up of policies and strategies on the Government’s commitment and fight against corruption was agreed to by Caucus and that his concern now is the enthusiasm to drive the policy.

He then added that whilst his concerns are valid, he is still encouraged by the statements from other members of Parliament (MPs) on the support to fight against corruption.

“I am encouraged by what I hear and am comforted,” said the Prime Minister.

He then added whilst there may be different feelings towards the approach taken, it is important all MPs realize a strategic approach and close consultations with all MPs on each side of the House to tackling the issue is what makes wheels turn.

Sogavare then added that through the deliberation on the national Anticorruption Strategy (NACS) issues highlighted were dully noted before it was passed and will be carried through.

He added that whilst there may be issues being developed through concerns outside Parliament, such should not be an avenue to cause unnecessary doubts over the Democratic Coalition for Change Government’s (DCCGs) fight against corruption as its main policy objective.

“It is a challenging preposition but I am encouraging us all to think beyond our own little political world,” Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare strongly said.

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