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Farmers fear endless wet weather

CONTINUES wet weather currently affecting the province is now taking its toll on farmers living around Vella La Vella Island.

A concerned Community elder, Stanly Lilo told Island Sun from his Village at Sambora that most farmers will suffer if the current weather continues unabated.

He said the bad weather will destroy their food gardens if it goes on for another week and other neighboring villager are fearing for their food garden, especially for those close to river banks.

He also called on villagers to take extra care when traveling to sea for fishing or gardening, while experiencing this bad weather situation.

“If the heavy rain continues a week more, it will continue to affect many local farmers within Vella La Vella Island.”

“We fear about our gardens and gardening is our source of income where we earn money and sell our products to Gizo and other urban centers in the province.

“We are concerned about how many will manage during the coming months. The bad weather will affect our crops, and as a local community elder living with disability we are worried over the rain fall currently affecting the country,” said Mr Lilo.

Meanwhile, the continuous heavy rain have also affected local farmers from surrounding Islands who are the main local producers at the Gizo market.

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