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East Makira communities applaud housing scheme

HON Alfred Ghiro accompanied by members of his staff and working committee has rolled out a housing scheme for his entire constituency, which was officially launched on Dec 7 at Gupuna on Santa Ana witnessed by hundreds of well-wishers.

Speaking during the launching event, Hon Ghiro stressed that it is his whole intention to ensure that every one on Santa Ana and Santa Catalina have a permanent roofed shelter or house because there is virtually no sago palm suitable for housing on both islands, and apparently as it appears both islands are increasingly relying on mainland Makira to get their housing bush materials which is also increasingly costly.

Ghiro explained that the first 60 beneficiaries of the 1,200 sheets of red colour bond roofing-iron delivered on Santa Ana for recipients of Gupuna, Nafinuatogo and Natagera villages respectively is the beginning phase of an ongoing programme that he had instructed the East Makira Constituency (EMC) Office to implement in the next remaining two years.

“As we progress in this noble scheme we will always investigate other ways and means of improving this scheme particularly on these two islands where even trees for good timber is not available.”

The Government Communications Unit has found a wide cross-section of communities on Santa Ana, Santa Catalina, and mainland Makira have requested assistance through this programme and are so appreciative of the introduction of such an essential scheme.

According to Hon Ghiro: “We can only start by providing roofing iron only because it is one main, if not the main component of a house that is also more often difficult for people to afford, and also in reality is the fact that we are a very big constituency comprised of eight wards with huge population which practically made it more challenging for us to provide other components.

“However, on the mainland you have available trees for timber, and on the islands you have vast amount of sand and limestone gravel ideal for making bricks so I have already instructed my office to purchase brick-moulds for the communities and provide cement to any interested person who would want to consider a brick making project on the island, and for timber there are chainsaws available in most of our communities throughout the eight wards.”

The East Makira MP explains that it is not possible for every single one to receive a project each all at the same time because it is just not practicable given the fact that East Makira Constituency has eight wards with a big population.

“However, I can assure you of my commitment to continue with this noble programme next year and throughout my term in Parliament as I am being encouraged by the request from my people to spend more on this housing scheme,” Hon Ghiro added.

Most of the recipients of the roofing-irons could not hold in their emotions and tears of joy for what seemed as ‘answered prayers’ because it is the first time ever for such a scheme to be carried out in East Makira constituency.

More than 6,000 sheets of iron roofing was also distributed on mainland Makira from ward 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, and 19 and the East Makira Member of Parliament has pledged to increase his funding allocation for iron roofing this year 2017.

Meanwhile, Hon Ghiro explained that the housing scheme is envisaged to cover everyone who is interested and prepared to improving his living standard, however, it has to start somewhere but it will definitely and surely reach out to everyone.



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