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DWU graduates called on to make a difference

DIVINE Word University President Professor Cecilia Nembou has told the graduates of the 35th Graduation Ceremony that they have now arrived successfully at the starting line of their career.

Speaking to the graduands on Sunday, Professor Cecelia said graduation is a success but it is a different form of success.

She said, “You have now successfully arrived at the starting line, the beginning of the long road to really satisfying success, for making a difference in someone else’s life to improve their situation in life.”

“Be a change agent by changing yourself first and then encourage others to see how and why change would serve the common good so they can follow you.

“A moral campus of core values of faith in God, honesty, integrity, dependability, duty of care commitment to serve and having the will power to avoid corrupt practices and practitioners of corruption will make you to make a difference.”

She also encouraged the graduands to refrain from temptation of false greatness, corruption and negative places to mislead them.

Professor Nembou said; “Follow your heart, intuition and conscious   and let your moral compass be your guide.”

Hundreds of people including family members, friends’ guests and corporate sponsors around the country witnessed the graduation ceremony which graduated more than 900 students.



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