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Congratulations extended to two deserving Solomon Islanders

MINNIE Arosi, who has served for 13 years in the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), is the first of only two female police officers to qualify as a specialist fingerprint expert.

Minnie, who received her fingerprint training in New Zealand, is working in the RSIPF Forensic Unit.

Douglas Idufanoa of Malaita Province, graduated has the first Solomon Islander with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy on March 12 from the Divine World University in Papua New Guinea.

Douglas will be returning to the Solomon Islands after completing his residency in Port Moresby in 2019 when he looks forward to helping people with his newly acquired physiotherapy skills and knowledge.

To both Minnie and Douglas I extend my congratulations on your achievements to-date and wish you much success in your work and studies.

Yours sincerely


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