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Company carries out illegal activity

A landowner from Olive village, South New Georgia in Western Province, is calling out on a company that has carried out illegal activities on their land.

Mr Patty Hite said that the Saikile Chieftaincy Trust Board from South New Georgia had authorised a licence to Earthmovers Company, which then sub contracted it to another company.

He added that this sub-contractor, without the consent and proper consultations with land owners and trustees, illegally entered their land and cleared off areas that were covered with teak trees, betel-nut and cocoa.

Mr Hite said that they wanted to preserve the land for the future and now this has been teared down by the actions of this company.

He said that the company entered the restricted land on April 4, 2017.

In addition, Mr Hite mentioned that at that time Pr Resign Hipu told them that since there was no proper discussion carried out between the company and the land owners they will not allow them to carry out any activity in the area.

However, he said that on the next day the company did not listen thus entered the restricted area and began clearing, from April 5-8.

Mr Hite also said that the company threatened people out of their way when they proceeded on with the illegal operation.

“They should not go beyond the law,” he said.

Mr Hite stressed that such action is not right and that the company should have followed the process of properly consulting trustees before doing anything.

In this regard, he calls on the Saikile Trust Board being the leader they are to respect the rights of the people.