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Cocoa aiding the prospects for rural women in Isabel

DEAR EDITOR, cocoa produced in Isabel Province by Cathliro Commodities Development (CCDL) has been showcased at the Pasifika Festival aided by the Pacific Islands Trade & Investment Pacific Path to Market Programme.

CCDL is a cocoa producing company, locally owned and managed by Diana Yates. The company has been in operation for 6 years. It has 30 employees. Its main business activity is exporting cocoa beans to Malaysia.

It is understood from Mrs Yates that the fundamental goal of her company is to provide employment and ultimately improve the livelihood of people in the rural parts of Isabel, Solomon Islands in a sustainable way.

It is also known that apart from buying cocoa beans from other farmers in the country, CCDL owns 99 hectares of land, at Garanga, Maringe District in Isabel Province – 20 percent of which is used for cocoa farming.

The company aims to continue to grow more cocoa and also to diversify into other agricultural and horticultural products such as cassava, pigs, poultry, bananas, pineapples and aloe vera.

Cathliro is also exploring available alternatives to ensure rural development for women. A specific example being tapping into the rural Tatamba economic growth centre at Tatamba village, Gao Bugotu Consituency in Isabel, to develop projects to involve women, including rural high school dropouts and introducing the local community to sustainable economic activities for their benefit.

CCDL is wished further success in order to see the local the community reap the benefits and attain tangible outcomes in their daily lives.

Yours sincerely


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