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Catholic fathers to mark special day

“Holy name of Mary Parish ready”: Manaki



FATHERS from the Holy name of Mary Parish in zone two, Tawani village will be hosting a gathering to mark their special day in the Catholic Church calendar this weekend.

Tawani local organising committee Chairman David Manaki said this day is an important occasion as they will be having guest speakers to talk about their roles as fathers in the church, communities, and families and speak about custom and traditions.

“The program starts this weekend beginning on the 17, 18 and finishing on the 19th,” the chairman said.

“Fathers from communities within the St John the Baptist parish in Kirakira starting from Rawo bush, Arohane, Tawani, Mwanibena, Take’eanapara, Hao/Maepua and Magoha bush will join other fathers from our other catholic parishes for this three days event.

“This three days event is important for all catholic fathers as we will have some guest speakers who will share with us what our roles as fathers are not only in the church but also in our families and communities.

“During these days we will also hear talks about the cultures and traditions, the importance of community by-laws and our countries laws

“Therefore it is important we all come together to learn about our roles so we can learn these information’s go back practise them in our communities and families,” Mr Manaki adds.

Preparation for the day according to the chairman is going well and says they are expecting these three days to be successful.

“Cleaning up are already one, food and accommodation are already identified. Work is progressing well.

“Only minor preparations such as decorations in the village and the church are left. I’m hoping and anticipating these three days to have fine weather and to turn out successful,” Manaki said.

The first groups of catholic fathers from Maniwowo Parish in Easter Harbour according to the chairman are expected to start arriving this Wednesday.

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