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Call for upgrade in Kirakira police force

Naharahau man Nemesio Mae. Mr Mae says the RSIPF in the province needs to pull their socks up and do their work

A man from Wainoni District in Makira Ulawa Province is calling for improvement in the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Kirakira.

Mr Nemesio Mae from Naharahau village said the current police officers serving in the province needs to be changed in order for the RSPIF to effectively carry out their job.

“The rate of criminal activity especially in Wainoni is increasing. In the past it felt safer. Nowadays instead of the crime rates decreasing they are increasing rapidly,” he said.

“Some crimes committed when reported to the police to this day are still on the tables pilling. It shows they are not doing their work.

“The police force here in Kirakira needs to pull up their socks. It needs an effective system that sees officers rotating every four years and not staying in the same province for almost 15 years as in some case here.

“This province needs officers who will carry out the law. Officers who favour no one and makes arrest whether the culprits are relatives. These are the kinds of officers we need,” Mr Mae said.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force station in Kirakira. Kirakira police force is still waiting for their new PPC who
will take up office next month. Photos by Taromane Martin

He stressed the need for police officers to solve problems in their infant stages and make visits to communities to raise awareness there.

“Do not make excuses on having no transports and money to tour. Walk. Visit the communities to raise awareness and let the trouble makers know, yes, RSIPF is here and will keep our community safe.

“The problem is they have been here for too long and it is time the bosses make some changes because these are contributions to the increase of the crime rates in the province.

“The police needs to be addressing the problems in their infant stages. But they wait until something serious happens and that is the main failure of the RSPIF in Kirakira,” he adds.

The RSIPF in Kirakira meanwhile is still waiting for their new Police Provincial Commander (PPC) who will arrive next month to take up the position.

Kirakira acting Police Provincial Commander, John Smith Taroimae could not make comments yesterday saying he needs permission from the RSIPF media unit before responding.

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