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Cabinet Sub-Committees Chairpersons remunerations illegal: Manele

LEADER of the Official Opposition is still firm on his stand that Cabinet Sub-Committees remunerations for Chairpersons are illegal.

Hon Jeremiah Manele made the statement again on the floor of Parliament on Monday when contributing on the Sine Die motion moved by Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare.

Cabinet Sub-Committees have been established to pursue government policies and initiatives in certain areas and sectors.

“However, sir, in my view the emoluments given to those members of parliament that were appointed as chairmen of the cabinet sub-committees are illegal.

“It is my understanding sir, that any emoluments (remunerations) to members of parliament has to be executed under the authority of the parliamentary entitlements commission by virtue of section 69b(1) as read with section 69c(a)(b) and (c) of the constitution.

“Any emoluments to members of parliament that is outside of these provisions would be in my view deemed unconstitutional,” said Hon Manele.

Manele told Parliament that as Opposition Leader, he has written to the Prime Minister on the 14th of December last year and to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission (PEC) on March 8 this year on the matter.

“As a responsible leader of opposition, I felt obliged to let the government through the Prime Minister and the Commission through the Chairman, for us not let the laws of our country down.

“Whilst I understand that such matters can be challenged in court, I take the responsible pathway to genuinely raise a point that I know the Prime Minister and the Chairman of PEC have no difficulty in understanding.

“This in my view is the appropriate and responsible way to approach such matters that obviously do not need to be taken to the courts,” Hon Manele added.

He then requested that in this connection, he calls on the Attorney General to provide legal opinions on the matter to the Prime Minister to inform the house in his reply and concluding remarks in the sine die motion.

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