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Axiom’s presence in Isabel

DEAR EDITOR, Axiom KB Ltd presence in Isabel Province maybe numbered

Two weeks ago the Solomon Islands Court of Appeal finally handed down its Orders.

Amongst others the three panel justices ordered that Axiom KB Ltd Letter of Intent (LOI) for both Kolosori on Isabel Island and in San Jorge invalid. Because of this order the recent Prospecting License Axiom KB has for San Jorge is also invalid.

The PL it has over Kolosori on the main land had also been ordered invalid despite Axiom KB recent announcement that it had already submitted a Mining Lease Application for Kolosori.

That was not the only head ache for Axiom KB Ltd.

The PE was registered in favour of five individuals who then decided to grant a 50 year lease to Axiom KB Ltd.

Court of Appeal also held that the PE registered in favour of those five individuals to be void.

Five tribal elders of Kolosori took up a land case against Axiom KB after the latter illegally obtained a 50 year FTE over their customary land.

The tribal elders were represented by both local and Brisbane-based Barristers.

The Court of Appeal also ordered that Axiom KB to pay the cost of those tribal elders both in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

This case was the longest case so far heard in the courts in this country and the cost is expected to run into millions of dollars, something Axiom KB will have to meet anytime soon.

This information is based on the orders of the Court of Appeal. Those court orders are public documents and any one can get it from the High Court registry.



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