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Axiom meets with gov’t ministries and landowners

Officials from Government Ministries and landowners attending the day two of the consultation

AXIOM Mining Company and its partners have held a two-day consultation with government ministries and landowners.

The consultation, which ended on Thursday last week, saw six government ministries receiving insight on Axiom and the landowners’ interest in the Isabel Nickel project.

The popular mining group from Papua New Guinea, the Anitua Mining Company, was also present at the consultation.

Managing Director of Axiom, Mr Ryan Mount, said the purpose of the consultation is to presents the overview of Axiom’s proposed nickel project to relevant government ministries.

He said Axiom has made an application for a mining lease for South San Jorge and that the application is currently with the government.

Mr Mount explained that the application was a joint application from landowners of South San Jorge and Axiom.

He also said that the consultation is to help both government ministries and landowners hear the success stories of Axiom’s active partner, the Anitua Mining Company.

“Anitua mining company has a brilliant model and now has over one billions of dollars under their investment.

“This local Mining Company from PNG has the best model that would help our landowners to make decisions that would bring greater benefits to their communities,” Mr Mount said.

Axiom’s Legal Advisor Dr Philip Tagini said the consultation shows Axiom’s commitment and transparency towards its proposed development in Solomon Islands.

“We invite government Ministries so that they see what we are doing and also the over view of our interest.

“We have nothing to hide but open up our vision, mission and expected goals we have in this development,” he said.

Dr Tagini said Axiom appreciates if the Regulators provide the direction that would see the development proceed.

Government ministries have expressed their acknowledgement to Axiom for organising such a very important consultation.

They highlight that the consultation had provided new knowledge that would integrate well into the country’s mining industry.

Landowners also shared similar sentiment, saying that such consultation will continue to strengthen and build the capacity of landowners.

The landowners stressed that they are confident to drive the development forward, adding they have been with Axiom Mining Company since its establishment here is the Solomon Islands.

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