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Australia funds water tanks for the Malo and Nesapla communities

Australia funds water tanks for the Malo and Nesapla communities

AUSTRALIAN Direct Aid Programme funding is helping the Temotuan communities of Malo and Nesapla to access safe and clean drinking water by providing ten 3000-litre water tanks.

The water tanks were officially handed over to the communities, located on Malo Island, 2km from Lata Station, on Friday May 26, amid ceremonial dancing and feasting.

The tanks will provide clean drinking water for up to 1,200 people.

“Previously, people had to collect water from the well which is sometimes salty from sea level rises; we sometimes experience salty water due to king tides which we believe its climate changes and the water is not clean for drinking.

“With these water tanks, the community people will now have access to clean water nearby, rather than collecting water from the well,” said Mr Malachai, project coordinator for the Malo and Nesapla communities.

“The Australian Government is pleased to support such a worthwhile project, one whose benefits go beyond the Malo and Nesapla communities and will help to reduce the risk of communicable disease and ensure safe and hygienic access to drinking water, particularly for women and children,” said Mr Simon Downing, Second Secretary to the High Commission.

“It is also inspiring to see the community contribution and work carried out by the community to actually install the water tanks in different villages.”

The Australian Government’s Direct Aid Programme aims to improve livelihoods in some of Solomon Islands’ most remote and disadvantaged areas.

Application forms can be collected from the Australian High Commission in Mud Alley Honiara or by emailing .