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Auki market venders raise needs

Group photo of the participants during the consultant meeting yesterday

AUKI market venders raised their needs during a one-day consultation with the Auki market management and representatives of UN women office yesterday.

The Auki market venders raises their needs through the budget discussed yesterday.

They want improvements mainly on infrastructural issues of the market and on cleaning up of the market compound and inside of the Auki Market.

Hose pipes, water pumps for the underground drainage, toilet pump truck, water tanks, and toilet facilities must be controlled by Auki market management.

The market management needs push more harder on its workers to clean up the market each day after working hours in preparation for the next day.

“One of our common goals is that we make market more clean and comfortable.

“We urge you market management to continue on working together to make and create this market environment a safe and healthiest place to live and do our marketing,” the venders said.

The talks was done at the Rarasu leaf hut, Auki.

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