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ANZ bank Auki closes end of June

THE ANZ bank branch in Auki will close its services by the end of this month, June 2017.

This was confirmed to this paper yesterday by ANZ Auki branch manager, Mr Robert Auwa.

“The closure of our financial services is not what we have planned but it is a commercial decision from our head office in Melbourne Australia.

“The bank will close some of their centres around the Pacific including Solomon Islands.”

Auwa added, Auki branch is more likely to close its services by the end of this month regardless for other ANZ commercial centres throughout the country including Honiara.

He said ANZ customers in Auki are encouraged to join the ANZ Go-money system to do their savings and withdrawals from the ANZ Go-money agents.

Auwa adds that ANZ customers in Auki have more time to transfer their savings to either Bank South Pacific (BSP) or to do their banking in the ANZ Go-money system.

The reason for the closure is unknown, but is simply explained as the commercial decision from the ANZ Head office in Melbourne.