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Another huge achievement and pride for FSII

FSII Family after clean up at NRH Benjamin Afuga, Maxwell Saelea, Redley Solomon Raramo, Maverick-Gua Peter-Seda, Peter Iroga, Florrie Alalo, Doris Pakipota and Inia Barry..Photo by Wilfred Luiramo (FSII member).

FORUM Solomon Islands International (FSII) has fulfilled another exceptional goal over the weekend by cleaning in and around the National Referral Hospital.

A good number of FSII members turned up for the clean-up when FSII admin made a call on the forum last week.

In an interview with this paper President of FSII Mr Benjamin Afuga said he was happy with the attendance though some members were not able to take part during the clean-up programme due to other commitments.

“I think the attendance was a good number for the job last Saturday especially. I understand other members have other commitments and looking forward for the next community work,” he said.

Mr Afuga said the clean-up programme is part of FSII community obligation and at the same show the way Solomon Islanders should work together to build this country.

He said FSII is a voluntary organization that always give back to the community and that such programs are organized when the need arises.

Mr Afuga adds that FSII family is looking forward to assist in any way possible if the need arises.

Meanwhile he said FSII’s clean-up programme has caught the eyes of regional media organisations.

Hard working members of FSII family who took part during the clean up programme

Mr Afuga said he has been interviewed by the Pacific Beat and ABC’s Tok Pisin in separate interviews over the weekend.

“Clearly the initiative taken by FSII caught their attention and this only goes to show how media appreciated the initiative and the power of voluntarism,” Afuga added.

FSII was flooded with comments of congratulation from members residing within and outside to the country after the clean-up.

Supervising Honiara City Mayor Counsellor Charles Aiwosuga published an article on the newspapers acknowledging FSII for the great job.

He said FSII has been contributing a lot in different avenues to help bring about change in the country and the city and for that he is grateful.

Former Royal Solomon Islands Police Commissioner Mr Frank Short also sent his congratulation and commend FSII.

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