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Alfred & his ATM machine

DEAR EDITOR, there is no Bank machine known as Areka To’a Machine in Solomon Islands and the rest of the world, may be in Alfred Sasako home village exist such a machine.

As a well respected journalist, to refer to ATM machines as Areka To’a Machine as appeared in your issue on 19th April 2017, is very unethical and does not speak well of who he is.

If Sasako is not happy with the ATM services then he should just discuss his dissatisfaction than referring to the ATMs as Areka To’a Machines.

Putting this in the print media is not a joke,and Sasako needs to be mindful about his language.

If he has nothing good to write about then he should just quit.

Sasako must apologise to all good people of Are’are.


John Aonima


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