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Additional machines for Marau – Avuavu road works soon

AN additional load of three road-work heavy machineries is expected soon to boost the upgrading of the Marau-Avuavu road, currently underway in East Guadalcanal constituency.

Member of Parliament (MP) for East Guadalcanal Constituency Bradley Tovosia said the additional machines include a grader, a roller and a loader which will soon be transported to the site when funds are ready.

An excavator and dump truck are currently involved in the upgrading and reconstruction of the road that has progressed some 12 kilometres from Makaruka to Tanahecha river mouth.

The work started at Makaruka further south east Guadalcanal and progressed backwards to Marau on the eastern tip of the island, before returning to Makaruka and proceeding on to Avuavu.

Market producers, farmers and the people of East Guadalcanal Constituency will have access to a new upgraded road infrastructure once the road is complete.

Hon Tovosia said funds for the upgrading project were sourced through the national government, SIG grant.

“Shipping has been a continuous hiccup faced by majority of people in the constituency, especially to those along the weather coast.

“Rough seas resulted from the unpredictable bad weather pattern has always been a difficulty.

“The intension is so that people can drop off at Marau and can get a truck home,” said the east Guadalcanal MP.

He however, said there is no time frame, adding that completion will depend on availability of funds.

He said the current machines are now the property of East Guadalcanal Constituency, and the same would be for the three additional machines.

The Marau to AvuAvu road is part of an old government road that stretches from Marau in East Guadalcanal constituency to Kuma in South Guadalcanal constituency.

The 46km Marau-Avuavu road was last maintained in 1978 by Bismack.

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