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A well paid off sacrifice

Douglas Idufanoa graduated with a degree in physiotherapy and Liam Sau Masters of Leadership in Development

RECEIVING a certificate after years of study at a University is a dream students studying at tertiary institutions are aiming to achieve.

Now this is the dream achieved by Liam Sau who hails from Dala, West Kwara’ae, in Malaita Province.

March 12, 2017, is the day Mr Sau’s two years of studying to attain his Masters Certificate of Leadership in Development had been paid off at Divine Word University after graduating with more than 900 students.

Through his sacrifice, like leaving his family in 2015 in Solomon Islands, Liam who is working as an Editor at the Hansard Department in the National Parliament for several years decided to further his studies through the Flexible Learning Programme offered at the Divine Word University in Madang, Papua New Guinea.

He said, “Receiving my certificate after two years of study is a joyous moment for me, and I owe this to a lot of people first to my spouse and daughter who stood by me, without them I will not come this far.”

He also advised people in the workforce who are planning to pursue their studies to go ahead with their plans, saying Divine Word University is offering Flexible Learning so it allows people to work and study at the same time.

“My achievement now is an example that people in the workforce who want to pursue their studies can achieve their dreams, it can be a way forward for others who want to follow suit.”

He said perseverance, hard work, commitment and sacrifice are the keys to any success.

Mr Sau also acknowledged people who have helped him during his two years’ study, especially the Government of Solomon Islands for sponsoring him including his colleagues at the National Parliament for their support and people who have helped him with his research and assignments.

Meanwhile, out of the 14 Solomon Islanders who should have joined the graduation ceremony only two managed to attend the Divine Word University 35th graduation ceremony.


Journalism Student (DWU)

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