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A beautiful gift you can give away and keep it

Mrs joyce boykin and those who participate

THE READ Solomon Islands was established in 2015 and trains teachers.

In 2016 the READ Solomon Islands distributed library kits to 92 villages for provinces and in 2017 they trained teachers and distributed library kits in villages of provinces.

The first training of the national literacy campaign occurred yesterday at St Cathedral’s hall yesterday and will be launched at the end of April.

This training helps participants to read and to teach Basic English

160 participants attended the national literacy training and participants were the youth at work, church groups, under the NGOs, former ministry of education, literacy assistant Solomon islands (volunteers), students from USP and SINU.

The idea of the national literacy campaign was to send out participants of the national literacy to go out to 100 villages per face in the provinces to teach Basic English and to distribute library kits so that village people could also read.

New text book of the National literacy

Director of the READ Solomon Islands Mrs Joyce Boykin said that the national literacy campaign is for people to raise their ability to read and get information to make better decisions to become better leaders of Solomon islands therefore the help of the MPs would be very important to the READ Solomon Islands.

She said “The people here are smart, they lack knowledge.”

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