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70 percent of Western province without access to proper sanitation

SEVENTY percent of the population of Western Province have no access to proper water and sanitation, report findings reveal.

Report from the Environment Department say that eighty percent have access to safe water source, meaning that they use water tanks or protected streams and water supply.

However, it is later revealed that the projected figure of 80 percent may err since a lot of rural water supplies have deteriorated due to lack of knowledge and skills by beneficiaries to do maintenance work.

The report furthers that rehabilitation of all water supplies in all rural areas is thus a priority area in the future.

The report also stated that there is a great need to provide basic sanitation to the people of western province to reduce air-borne diseases.

The province also aims to reach the national target that 80 percent of population should access proper sanitation.

There is a great need to complete the ward profiling documents to properly reflect the needs of the population of Western Province.

When the first draft of the document compiled in 2013 in Gizo was prepared, 97 percent of the people identified sanitation and water as their priority.

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