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Monday, May 8th, 2017


Alleged threats by Asian logging contractor

DEAR Editor, I might be far from the local scene but not unaware of local social media reports last week in the Solomon Islands which gave voice to alleged serious threats made by at least one Asian Logging Contractors in relation to the alleged forced removal of settlers on the land claimed by Samlimsam. If those threats could be substantiated by evidence then it would be entirely appropriate to report the allegation to the police for investigation. Asian logging bosses, if the allegation raised are true, should be prevented fromRead More

Trust and Confidence of employers in Youth@ Work programmes needed to employ more youths

Last week the Youth @Work organisation elaborated on the process of its Y@W internship programmes. The organization’s presentation before an invited audience of local employers gave an overview of the successful and vitally important work that has been done in the educational practices aimed at developing work skills and preparing young people to be confident individuals. What is clearly needed, however, is for robust participation by employers to offer youths work opportunities by providing positive internship partnerships. One Y@W graduate has been successfully employed by BSP Banking Group but farRead More

Urban squatters pose increasing social and potential security threats

LAST week I read with interest the commentary in the Sun newspaper the views of former City Councillor, Charles Lesimaoma, on what he considered the land issues affecting Honiara residents and the existing problem of squatters. I thought his views made good sense I particularly shared his comments on the need for decentralisation of developments to curtail the need for people to migrate to Honiara seeking employment. Illegal settlement on customary land in Honiara has been growing for many years and, unless controlled and soon, there will be increasing risksRead More

G-Camp new champions

G-CAMP futsal team is the new champions of the Wantok Futsal Cup. The Glen Buka coached side snatched the title on Saturday defeating Ngu Brothers 4-3 in a spectacular grand final at the Multipurpose Hall. Ngu Brothers were forced to play in their own half by the G-Camp side lead by the experienced George Stevenson. They grabbed the first goal of the match but saw Albert Wetney leveling the scores 1-1 for Ngu Brothers four minutes into the game. G-Camp retook the lead just before the break through Atana FaarodoRead More

Are these the missing tanks?

THE Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Dr Tenneth Dalipada, has warned that staff found to have been involved in the missing water tanks would be dealt with “appropriately.” “What I will be doing would be to investigate this and deal with those that are involve(d). I have dismiss(ed) 5 staff from RWASH when I become PS of this ministry so if there is sufficient evidence that my staff are involve(d) then I will deal with them appropriately,” Dr Dalipada said on the weekend. He blamedRead More