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Friday, April 21st, 2017


Businessman starts paying employee contributions

THE businessman who ignored paying statutory contributions to the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF) on behalf of his workers for the past 20 years has started paying up, the SINPF confirmed yesterday. The SINPF identified the businessman as the owner of Bulaia Backpackers Lodge. Bulaia Backpackers Lodge is owned by Alick Tabe’u, a Member for Ward 18 of the Malaita Provincial Assembly. He started paying contributions since February 2017 until now, the SINPF said. “If owner does not extinguish the remaining arrears, the Fund will proceed with prosecution byRead More

West Kwaio unpaid labourers call for a full audit and police investigation into cattle project funding

ANGRY labourers owed $1.8 million in unpaid wages have called for a full investigation into the finances of the Gounokukufo Association, which manages the largest Government-funded cattle project in West Kwaio on Malaita. Representatives of the labourers told Island Sun yesterday they have not been paid at various times since 2012, forcing them to down tools since last year. “We are owed $1.8 million in wages,” spokesman Simon Folomori told Island Sun in an interview yesterday. Mr Folomori said there are 170 individuals in the group who performed various tasksRead More

Alfred & his ATM machine

DEAR EDITOR, there is no Bank machine known as Areka To’a Machine in Solomon Islands and the rest of the world, may be in Alfred Sasako home village exist such a machine. As a well respected journalist, to refer to ATM machines as Areka To’a Machine as appeared in your issue on 19th April 2017, is very unethical and does not speak well of who he is. If Sasako is not happy with the ATM services then he should just discuss his dissatisfaction than referring to the ATMs as ArekaRead More

Investigate MID Director and Shipping Grant

DEAR EDITOR, the MID Director of Infrastructure denial of the existence of network targeting shipping grant is questionable and unbelievable. A reliable source within MID revealed that the said Director Mr Harry Rini conspired or colluded with recipients of the grants and received his share. The Director stated that he has no influence in the selection process (refer to Island Sun Issue 2563, 05/04/17, page 3). Is he genuine with his statement? I suppose there are more questions than answers. Now may I ask if you are not a memberRead More

JANUS to audit shipping grants

DEAR EDITOR, the call by Gabriel Kemaiki, spokesperson for Malaita Outer Islands (MOI) constituents for JANUS to investigate MV Sikta is very much supported (Refer to Solstar Issue 655, Tuesday 04/04/17). On the same note, I strongly call on JANUS to investigate all grant recipients including MPs who received the grant but did not buy a ship and those who had paid old and unseaworthy vessel that are inoperable during their first or second year in service. Grant recipients who bought old and unseaworthy vessels do it for a reasonRead More

Why you should study in the us

REPRESENTATIVES of the US embassy from Port Moresby held a discussion with senior students of King George National Secondary school yesterday. They are in the country and are going around schools basically to provide information for students on how they can get an opportunity to study in the states on a US scholarship. Key speaker, Education USA advisor Ms Barabra Kepa talked about why students should consider the United States as a potential destination to undergo tertiary studies. She explained four reasons on why students should study in the US andRead More

Indications of fish depleting

THERE are serious indications that reef fish species in the country are dying out. Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) HapiFis Programme coordinator, Paul Jay Tua told Island Sun that there are possible signs of this occurrence. Since 2015 to 2016, MFMR under the HapiFis Programme has been collecting data from Honiara and Gizo fish markets. From the data collected, a total of 379 different types of fish were recorded in Honiara. However, the Coral Triangle Initiative in the past recorded that there are more than 1,000 fish speciesRead More

Selling of undersized fish rife in Honiara

CATCHING and selling of undersized fish in Honiara fish markets is high, it is reported. Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) HapiFis Programme Communications and Awareness Officer, Priscilla Pitakaka highlighted this during a public awareness for fishermen at the Honiara Central Market yesterday. This is an outcome of a four-year data collection undertaken by the MRMR HapiFis Team in Honiara and Gizo Fish Markets. Ms Pitakaka stressed that too many small fish of varying species are being sold in the markets, consequently they have not had time to grow andRead More

40 Auki youths graduate in youth@work phase 1

FORTY youths of Auki have received their certificates of completion of the Youth@Work phase 1 programme under the South Pacific Commission (SPC). Group leader of the SPC office in Auki, Whitlam Saeni, said these youths have undertaken relevant work trainings in work etiquette, resource training, mentoring and basic business training respectively to perform in any work or study programme and how to be young successful entrepreneurs. “The 40 youths that we are witnessing their graduation today have complete their small business component programs and the internship part time youths whereRead More

School league resumes tomorrow

SAINT John’s Community High school escape defeat yesterday to share the spoils with Tuvaruhu School in the Honiara Football Association (HFA) high school league. Second half substitute Clement M. found the equalizer for St John from a free kick in the 47minute after team mate Wasi was chopped inches from the penalty box. But it was Tuvaruhu who grabbed the opening goal through Samson Hanianoe in the 19 minute but saw Alex T. equalizing for St John 42 minutes into the first half. Team Captain Junior Laka gave Tuvaruhu theRead More