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Thursday, April 20th, 2017


Talasasa encouraged by Solomon Water’s interest in Munda

WESTERN Provincial Member for Ward 16 says it is encouraging to hear that Solomon Water has interest in Munda station which is experiencing water problems. Hon Ramrakha Talasasa Jnr said during the Full Assembly meeting that it is high time that Western Province allows Solomon Water to come over and provide quality water. “In Noro, Solomon Water is already there, after setting up in Gizo Town we will move on to Munda, this is because Munda is developing fast,” said Hon Talasasa. The MPA had made this remark after theRead More

Road conditions in Small Malaita

DEAR Editor, PLEASE allow me space to share my concern as a student from Small Malaita on the Small Malaita road condition. Twenty plus years after the EEC road project carried out a full maintance on the road and bridges, there are no road work carried out to date. Its condition is very poor since these vehicles have not travelled on it for the last decade. Wore down bridges, bushes grew high and all over, poor drainage system with parts of it already affected by sea level rise is what is left for now. Today, accessibility to health services can only be on foot or OBMRead More

Dengue fever virus type 2

Dear Editor IT has come to my attention that dengue fever virus type 2 has evidently become a threat to the life of Solomon Islands people. As a concern citizen, I am therefore writing this letter to urge the ministry of health or NGOs within the country to primarily act by reaching out to all rural communities in Guadalcanal and Honiara as well as outer islands to bring awareness talks on preventative measures that would help minimize the impacts of this epidemic. The distribution of mosquito nets along with awarenessRead More

Public service to have new building soon

THE Ministry of Public Service is in the initial stages of planning the construction of a new building that will cater for training. Public Service Permanent Secretary, Mr Nego Sisiolo confirmed this to the paper yesterday. Mr Sisiolo said that the ministry is currently renting a venue to carry out government training. He added that the area for the new building has already been cleared and the immediate work of geo-tech survey is the next step. In addition. Mr Sisiolo said that this phase involves the collection of soil samplesRead More

PM updates Parliament on Federal System and Reparation Framework

THE direction to which the Federal System is going is what the Government needs to take into account as it will affect the way the country pools up resources for distribution to all constituencies. The Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare made the statement in his Sine Die speech provided by his Office. This, Sogavare added will probably be affected with the motion on the Second White Paper on the proposed election system and the call to amend the Preamble of the Constitution to declare Solomon Islands as a Christian nation.Read More

Business houses in Gizo must receive water supply

NOT only residential houses in Gizo town but business houses as well must be supplied with water, urges Hon Ramrakha Talasasa Jnr to the provincial executive government. While the Western Province MPA for ward 16 appreciates Solomon Water’s establishment soon to be in Gizo, he also urged during the Full Assembly meeting of the province that businesses houses must also be supplied with water. He said when water was supplied to residential houses during the past, some of the business houses had to pay for water from the water truckRead More

MPs encouraged to refer to Standing Orders

‘Use of question time as pretext for debate not permitted’   SOME Members of Parliament use question time in Parliament as pretexts for debate. The issue was pointed out by the Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare in his Sine Die speech provided to the paper by his Office. There were up to a hundred questions that were set down for the recent meeting that now stands adjourned Sine Die, according to the Prime Minister. “Mr Speaker, a good number of questions were put to the Government by the other sideRead More

Resources and productive sector still a priority

THE Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) is fully aware of its responsibilities to fully utilize the country’s area of strength to revitalize and progress the economy in the Resources and Productive sector. Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare made the statement in his Sine Die speech. Sogavare disclosed in his speech that there are serious reforms underway in the forestry sector and the thinking of sustainable development in the forestry sector is something the Government has been talking about for a while. He then added that this includes some ofRead More

Minister tightens grip in shipping grants clean-up

THE Minister of Infrastructure Development Hon Jimmy Lusibaea MP has tightened his grip on repeat applicants for the controversial shipping grants in an effort by the DCC Government to clean-up the scheme. Documents obtained by Island Sun show a number of individuals who benefited from the grants last year also put in applications this year. Three of these applications have been knocked back, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development which administers the scheme, confirmed to Island Sun yesterday. They are Island Way Aluminium & Metal Works, a company owned by aRead More

SI gets $3million for fishing days licence

THE country has secured more than SBD$3-million on Fishing Days licence fees for 2015-2016. Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Hon John Maneniaru said the huge revenue collection was made when the country seized the issue of annual fishing licences to access the country’s fishing grounds for the past five years. He said fishing associations and fishing companies were left with no option but buy fishing days licence as required by the Parties to Nauru Agreement (PNA), Vessel Day Scheme to fish in Solomon waters. “Fishing boats can access toRead More