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Tuesday, April 4th, 2017


Money laundering case commits to High Court for trial

PRINCIPAL Magistrate Fatimah Taeburi has committed the matter against Walter Nawon Junia to the High court for trial after a committal hearing was made yesterday. The accused Walter Nawon Junia was charged with other co-accused Kingston Seke in relation to incidents which occurred in Honiara last year. Mr Junia already pleaded not guilty to the two counts of forgery on a previous occasion while the additional charge of money laundering was later laid in which he was arraigned of on yesterday’s appearance. The court having found that there was sufficientRead More

Increase in round log export licence for W-province

IN terms of round log export licences, the Western Provincial government would like to catch properly the rational in this area. According to the MPA for Ward 18 Hon George Solingi Lilo, he stated during the passing of the Western Province Business License Amendments at the Full Assembly meeting that if they want to promote tourism and stop logging practise then increasing the round log exports license is one way to discourage it. “This is because 60 percent of the revenue goes back to logging companies while 25 percent goesRead More

Weather Coast farmers disappointed

FARMERS of Weather Coast, Guadalcanal Province, have expressed their disappointment over feeling neglected as their leaders and the province fail to recognise their struggles. The farmers, who operate under an umbrella body called AKUTOGA Association, made the statement in an interview with this paper yesterday. Spokesman of the Association, Mr Ata Tiaro, said farmers of Weather Coast have been struggling alone to bring their product to market to assist their families overcome the demand of education and health services. He said lack of transportation and support for basic farming toolsRead More

Case of alleged arsonist adjourns

MEN alleged for setting fire to five excavators in Rennell Island will appear again in court on March 5. The court was told yesterday that prosecution witnesses were unavailable for trial but was told that they will be in Honiara today. With the delay of witnesses arriving in Honiara for the trial the prosecution seeks an adjournment of the case to Wednesday. Principal Magistrate Ricky Iomea then granted the adjournment and adjourned the matter. The accused men- Oea Tiki, Tangosia Jimmy and Taukia Willie all denied the charge when arraignedRead More

Weak compliance in gov’t finances

THE government is being robbed frequently due to weak compliance to both its revenue and expenditure, it is reported. On the revenue side, the government is losing thousands to millions of dollars through false invoices on import tax duty, quite similar to government expenditure where a huge portion of government finances fall in wrong hands. In an exclusive interview, Former Governor of Central Bank and Former Minister of Finance and Treasury, Rick Hou said this needs to stop. “One of the slackness of other ministry level is people do notRead More

Look out for Vietnamese blue boats

SURVEILLANCE Operations Officer Commander Gavin Baker of the Forum Fisheries Agency has called on all Solomon Islanders to watch out for Vietnamese blue boats. “This is because they will reap all the beche-de-mers in the reef and when they are there they are not only to catch a few but will take everything and nothing will remain in the reefs and beche-de-mer will never grow there again. “So everybody has to keep their eyes open as it is also a threat to the whole economy, Mr Baker said. Mr BakerRead More

Manaoba airport progression slow

THE proposed opening on Manaoba is slower than expected. This is according to the Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) Moses Virivolomo. The long disputed Manaoba airport’s tentative plan expected to resume flights to Manaoba airport by April this year. The PS also exclusively disclosed this to Island Sun in February this year. As it is now the beginning of the stated month, the PS has now disclosed that the proposed opening is slower than expected because the process of getting consent for opening needsRead More

Who’s our hero?

Patrol boat officers say they should be praised instead of PRT on blue banana boat arrests   A concerned Police Officer of Patrol Boat Auki says commendation should be given to the Commanding Officers of RSIPV Auki and not the Police Respond Team. This is in regards to last week’s arrest of three Vietnamese fishing boats at the Indispensable Reef. In an interview with this paper yesterday the Police Officer who wants his name withheld said the Police Respond Team failed during the operation. He said actions taken by theRead More

DAP outlines ten point policies

DAP (Democratic Alliance Party) has outlined ten policy action areas amidst the call for public participation. Speaking to the paper last week, party Wing Leader, Mr Rick Hou mentioned the party’s ten policy areas namely; the economy, infrastructure, land reforms, equitable rural development, education, health and medical, police and security, foreign relations, governance and gender balance. In terms of economy, Mr Hou spoke of job creation and household income generating activities as essential avenues in the economy with the inclusion of big companies and small state enterprises. He said thatRead More

W-Province executive government makes reshuffle

WESTERN Province Premier Hon Wayne Maepio has made a minor reshuffle in the provincial executive government. The Premier made a public announcement on this last week during the Sine Die Motion at the Western Provincial Full Assembly meeting. “Based on the performance of ministers, the purpose of the reshuffle is first, for their gaining of experience and secondly is to put those ministers in order to push the government policies a bit faster,” said the Hon Premier to Island Sun Gizo yesterday. “I have actually moved the Minister for Youth,Read More