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Wednesday, March 29th, 2017


Rev Sr Veronica officially leads CSC

SR Veronica Vasethe, who is also an ordained priest, now heads the Community of the Sisters of the Church (CSC) in the Anglican Church of Melanesia. She was ordained into the Anglican Priesthood while serving her religious community in England. Sr Veronica from Isabel was elected to the post of Sister Provincial last year, replacing Sr Kathleen Kapei whose term lapsed in 2016. Reverend Sr Veronica was officially blessed and inducted by the community’s Bishop Visitor, the Bishop of Guadalcanal the Right Reverend Nathan Tome at Tete Ni Kolivuti, eastRead More

Solomons companies participate in “Pacific path to market trade mission” in New Zealand

THREE Solomon Islands companies are currently participating in the “Pacific Path to Market Trade Mission” which began from March 23-30 in Auckland, New Zealand. The programme is organised by the Pacific Trade and Investment (PT&I). The Solomon Islands companies are among 23 Businesses from other Pacific Island countries that attended the event. Countries attending include Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Palau and the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). The Pacific Path to Market (PPTM) is an export capability building programme that covers a series of methodological stepsRead More

Vois Blong Mere reaches rural women

VOIS Blong Mere Solomons staff this week have interviewed rural women in Auki concerning domestic violence issues. Lisa Horiwapu from VOIS BLONG MERE confirmed this to Island Sun news in Auki yesterday. “We are here to talk to women and have their views concerning domestic violence. “It is a hard thing to do in recognition for those that are victimised on domestic violence. “Our role is to response to women’s need for relevant and timely information on new and emerging issues faced by women contesting politics, high increase of domesticRead More

Western province’s open-door policy hailed a success

WESTERN Provincial government’s open-door policy with new investments has captured the hearts of donors in infrastructural areas in Western Province. Premier Wayne Maepio said the upgrading of Munda airport to international standard and upgrading and tarsealing of the Seghe airfield is an added bonus for investment in the province, especially in tourism. He said upgrading Gizo road, the proposed market expansion by AusAid, the welcomed news by Solomon Water for water issues that have remained unsolved for years, and the latest interest by the Rapid project, are all by-products of theRead More

IFM project ready for implementation

THE country’s biodiversity in forests, rivers, streams and marine are being saved, thanks to the Integrated Forest Management Project. This was launched in the project inception workshop yesterday held by three government ministries; Ministry of Environment (MECDM), Ministry of Agriculture (MAL) and Ministry of Forest (MOFR). Mr Madankumar Janakiraman from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Programme Officer, and Mr Aru Mathias, FAO Lead Technical Officer, were the key speakers. Mr Janakiraman said that FAO is the executing and implementing Agency that will work with theRead More

IFM project in third stage

A project aimed at saving Solomon Islands’ biodiversity was kicked off yesterday with an inception workshop. The project is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and aims to work in five project sites which are areas in five provinces namely; Western, Makira, Guadalcanal, Malaita and Choiseul province. Themed ‘Project Inception Workshop- Integrated Forest Management’, the workshop was held yesterday at Town Ground. Officials from the ministries of environment, forestry and agriculture attended the workshop with presentations all with related objectives to the aim of the project. Speaking to theRead More

Please show you care for the Panueli health clinic on Savo island

DEAR EDITOR, SIBC news reported the shocking state of the Panueli Health Clinic on Savo Island. The clinic is needed to support a local population of 4,000 but it is said to be ravaged by white ants, at the point of collapse, has no electricity, no toilets, unreliable water supplies and only one full-time nurse. To add to the woes the clinic, it has only two beds, no bedding, no chairs or even a table. Who will help this vitally important clinic, only a boat ride from Honiara? Honourable MemberRead More

Director of CAASI and Manaoba Airport  

DEAR EDITOR, the Director of Civil Aviation has once again defied his professed regulatory responsibilities stipulated in the Civil Aviation Act of 2008. This came a day after being reprimanded in the media for his involvement in the Manaoba Airport saga. The office of the Director of Civil Aviation’s mandatory duty as stated by Mr Satu in your issue 2539 “…a stand-alone authority that ensures the travelling public (both local and international) are safe as well as the infrastructure (Airports, Terminal Buildings etc) put in place by the government meetsRead More

China is the best place to do it, so says United States Billionnaire Bill Gates

A friend sent me this article earlier this week. The temptation to share it is irresistible. So succumb I was. The article is published here simply to make the point that when some of us talk about China and its role in global development and progress, we are not alone. People like Bill Gates share our views as well, describing China as a “center of global progress and innovation.” Below is what he shared with Peking University students a week ago.  Bill Gates, US billionaire, philanthropist in a Friday lectureRead More

Sofu to help Aligegeo PSS

ALIGEGEO provincial secondary school in Malaita province will soon receive assistance from the Member of Parliament for east Kwaio, Hon Stanley Sofu. Speaking to this paper yesterday, school Principal Javin Rukia said the school will be assisted towards completing its chapel. “The assistance to be made by the Hon Member for East Kwaio is a big chapter for this school. “The assistance includes roofing iron and iron truss which total up to $70,000,” Rukia said. The materials will be collected later for the school project. Rukia added, “This is theRead More