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Friday, March 10th, 2017


Patrick Wong stands to collect $42m from RIPEL deal

PATRICK Wong – the Malaysian businessman who engineered the takeover of Russell Islands Plantations Estate Ltd (RIPEL) for nothing – stands to walk away with about SBD42 million in return for relinquishing his 20 percent stake in the RIPEL deal, New South Wales Supreme Court records have shown. The 20 percent share is probably valueless, given that RIPEL has not traded since 2002. According to court records, Mr Wong and his entities would receive a non-refundable deposit of USD250,000 (SBD2 million), a further USD1.75 million (about SBD14 million) and aRead More

Where is the development as promised?

LANDOWNERS of South San Jorge Island have questioned the Ministry of Mines and Energy about the development as promised by the Director of Mines during his tour in 2016. Last year the Director of Mines toured Gao/Bugotu district, Isabel province holding numbers of meetings with landowners, chiefs, elders, women and children as part of Government effort to bring landowners together so that the most wanted Nickel Mining Project in Isabel province can proceed. The consultation was held in more than ten communities within Gao/Bugotu district but since then there wasRead More

Taskforce seize documents from Police Credit Union

THE Police Credit Union is a member operated fund under the Solomon Islands Credit Union Act. It is separate legal entity to the RSIPF however members of the RSIPF contribute funds to this Credit Union and draw personal loans from it. In late January 2017, responding to complaints from RSIPF members and having serious concerns into the management of the Police Credit Union, the Commissioner of Police requested the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) to conduct an audit into the financial management of the Credit Union. On March 8,Read More

Ministry of education must clarify the matter

A concerned student from Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Davidson Rilaua, expressed his disappointment with the ministry of education. Mr Rilaua is a first-year in-service bachelor of teaching programme at SINU and will be completing his studies in April this year. On behalf of his colleagues, including those who graduated in 2015 and those who will complete their studies this year, he expressed utter dismay in the response he received from the ministry of education. Speaking to the paper yesterday, Mr Rilaua said that they submitted an application to theRead More

Logging activity affects Lokapagoma Community’s river

LOKAPAGOMA Community in Northwest Choiseul is suffering from environment and health problems caused by the impact of New Venture logging company’s operation. The logging operation took place on top of Lokapagoma River where the community usually uses for swimming, washing, cooking and drinking. According to reports by Nerio Ulemiki, the media coordinator for Christ the King Parish at Voruvoru, New Venture Company did not build a bridge but used the river bed as a skid road to pull logs and trimmed trees over it leaving off cuts in the river.Read More

Infrastructure not an issue to tourism in Solomon Islands

INFRASTRUCTURE is not really a big issue to the tourism sector in the country. This is what Mr Len Cordiner said when asked on the issue of infrastructure in the country, where it obviously set a drawback for many tourism operators in the country. Mr Cordiner answered during the Digital Tourism workshop held in Honiara recently, saying infrastructure can be neither an obstacle or may not be depending on the type of travellers. He said country like Solomon Islands is an ideal destination for adventure travellers. “And usually these traveller’sRead More

Women International Day

DEAR EDITOR, it is about time the PS responsible and Directors of the MWYCFA begin to consider to outsource the arrangement and management of such event to women sectors who are capable partners of the Ministry on the ground. It is evident that staffs within the MWYCFA are not capable in arranging such event. Last year’s days Women International Day, and 16 days activism is a greater failure. One of the dismay and disgrace is in the area of catering or refreshment. The refreshment done by MWYCFA staffs are someRead More

Chief questions police on Borderline post

INCREASED level of crime at Borderline Community in East Honiara has instilled a nagging question on whether the police have plans to rebuild Borderline Police Post. Borderline Community outspoken Chief, Stephen Firibae vented out by questioning the Police executive if they have plans to rebuild the burned down Borderline Police post. “Population of Borderline Community has increased over the years and so as crime and domestic problems. “Pickpocketing, stealing of mobile phones from people is a crime that happens daily in the Borderline Community. “If the police reserves to buildRead More

RSIPF Police Commissioner to Indonesia for conference

POLICE Commissioner Mathew Varley and his Deputy Gabriel Manelusi will be in Indonesia next week for the 7th Melanesian Spearhead Group countries Police Commissioners conference. Commissioner Varley said as a new police commissioner for Solomon Islands he is looking forward to meet with other Commissioners of MSG countries to discuss regional policing issues. Commissioner Varley said it is a two day conference in which the Police Commissioners conference will be on the first day followed by the Police Ministers conference on the second day. Those two meetings will be chairedRead More

Yamaha Y-Sato information day

THE Directing Manager of Y-Sato Company Mr Yoshi Sato held an information day yesterday at the Y-Sato building opposite the Commonwealth Street. During the programme Mr Sato explains and introduced services the company had made throughout the years. Mr Sato held this small programme in order for customers to understand how the operation service of Yamaha Company goes. Mr Sato said they also do free operation and fixing, but that depends mainly on the availability of spare parts. “This company not only about business but to serve people, to giveRead More